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Show me your pets!

Please meet our KAIPO members’ pets.  Can you guess whose pets they are?  Please leave your answers in the comment section below!


Top left — Hi! My name is Yogi (여기) means ‘here’ and is what my grandpa named me. He thought it would be funny to call me over by saying “여기와” which means ‘come here!’.  I’m a talented Shih-Tzu mixed with Chihuahua who understands some English, Korean, Hindi, and now some Portuguese. I will do any and all useless tricks for treats, like “손,” which means hand or paw. When I’m not helping my mom write her office actions, you can find me napping in her lap. My baby pics show that I had golden brown hair, but as you can see, I’ve aged gracefully into a four year old grey haired doggo. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Top right — This is Cho-pah. She is a 6 months old Shorkie (Yorkie and Shih Tzu mix). She likes chew toys and watermelons. She also likes to bite people she loves. She doesn’t bite people she doesn’t like. So don’t be too nice to her!

Middle left –This is Louis. 4 months old mini golden-doodle.  He loves to play and being around with people and other pups… well.. maybe a little too much..  Enjoy his pics and have a great week everyone!

Middle right — Hi, I’m Muzi the poodle! I’m eight months old now and my parents named me after one of their favorite KAKAO Friends characters. I love to make new friends (humans and dogs), and will do anything for a nice treat!

Bottom — This is Mango.  I am a leopard gecko with a morph name of “Hypo Tangerine”.  I am almost one year old and like to eat, sleep, and climb.  I love to eat crickets, roaches, and meal worms.  I like being held gently time to time but not always.  When taken good care of I can live up to 20 years!

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Community Day

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OEEOD released the statistics of FY2020 Community Day. KAIPO Community Day exhibition booth recorded the highest average time on page, and top 3 in unique page views among all the affinity groups. We appreciate all visitors, and special thanks to content contributors and the Community Day Team.

Community Day


Wanna try something new during the mandatory telework program? KAIPO members present a recipe you can enjoy at home. Thank you @Hyun Soo Kim for sharing with us how to brew beer at home. 


5 gallon brew
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Course Drinks
Servings 50 people


  • Largepot (at least to boil 1.5 gallon of water with grain)
  • 5gallons – container or a carboy (Fermentation)
  • Airlock (Fermentation)
  • Thermometer
  • Siphon
  • 48-5012 Oz. Bottles
  • Caps
  • BottleCapper


  • Grain
  • MaltSyrup
  • Hopps
  • Spices
  • Yeast
  • Water
  • priming sugar


  • Sanitize everything that touches your beer.

1. Brew

  • Making the worth
    Start boiling at least 1.5 gallons.
    Steep dry malted barley at a very specific temperature of hot water for some time (temperature/time depends on the recipe)
    Add malt syrup (Constantly stir until all the malt syrup is dissolved.)
  • Add hops/spices.
    The Worth is ready for yeast

2. Pitch the yeast

  • If the worth is too hot, it will kill the yeast, which means no alcohol.
    First, Cool the worth.•The temperature of the worth must be 65-90 ֯F or at the room temperature.
    Since it take a long time to cool down the hot worth, give a good ice bath to the brew kettle or a pot to speed up the process.
    While waiting for the worth to be cooled down. Prepare a container or a carboy with an air lock where the worth will be fermented. So, add some water to the container to make the worth to 5 gallons.
    When the worth is at the room temperature, pitch the yeast•Wait for about 30 minutes.
    Transfer the worth to the container. The oxygen introduced to the worth during this process will help the yeast to start working.
    Worth in the ice bath

3. Fermentation

  • After transferring 5 gallons of the worth to the container, close the container with an airtight lid. No oxygen should be introduced to the worth during fermentation.
    However, in order for the carbon dioxide to escape and prevent any explosions and not to allow air into the beer, an airlock has to be used.
  • After a couple of days, the bubbles will form in the airlock. If you do not see bubbles, check the lid or any other parts for air leaks.
    Place the container in a dark place at room temperature.
    Wait for couple of weeks until the bubbles in the air lock stop.

4. Bottle

  • The alcohol or the flat beer is ready. But, carbonation is not done yet, which means no fizziness.
    The remaining sugar in the beer will be re-activated with some food like a priming sugar in the beer bottle. (Dissolve about 2/3 cup of sugar and two cups of water)
    And, the bottle is capped, this time, the carbon dioxide will be kept in the bottle,which will give those nice little fizzy bubbles.
    Make a priming solution. (water with a priming sugar).
    Boil 2 cups of water and dissolve about 2/3 cup of a priming sugar.
    Transfer your beer to another container with a priming solution using a siphon.
    Wait for about 15-20 minutes until some sediments settle down at the bottom to avoid having those sediments from fermentation to be ended up in your finished product.
  • Fill the beer bottle with your beer and leave a little bit of room at the top so that the bottle is not over-pressurized during carbonation.
  • Cap the bottle. Then, keep them in a dark place at room temperature for another two weeks.
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Community Day

Rock Climbing

Wanna try something new during the mandatory telework program? KAIPO members present an outdoor activity you can enjoy. Thank you Michael Chong for sharing with us how you enjoyed Rock Climbing in this pandemic. 

Michael: I just started doing rock climbing and went to the Earth Treks. The Earth Treks have three locations in this area: Crystal City, Rockville, and Columbia.

As you see below, it requires all users wearing a mask. 

For your information, the Earth Treks also provides weight room and cardio machines. Many other activity classes, such as yoga, used to be available but are currently canceled until further notice.  

According to this Time article, rock climbing has numerous benefits.