About Us

The Korean-American Intellectual Property Organization, or KAIPO, is the newest, as well as the first, Korean-American Affinity Group officially recognized by USPTO. The organization aims to promote and support the growth and development of Korean-American intellectual property professionals as well as the diverse cultural and social heritage of the Korean-American community.


KAIPO membership application


KAIPO Charter (amended December 22, 2020)

KAIPO Bylaws (amended November 24, 2020)

Policy Resolution 2019-01

Policy Resolution 2021-01


2022 Board of Directors and Officers

James Lee, President*

Monica Shin, Vice President*

Chanel Jhin, Secretary

Justin Seo, Treasurer

Thomas Hong, International Coordination and Outreach Committee Chair*

Sisley Kim, Outdoor Event Committee Chair*

Taelor Kim, Annual Meeting Committee Chair*

Dae Kim, Community Day Committee Chair*

Eric Yoon, New Examiner Mentoring Committee Chair*

Jae Lee, Athletic Event Committee Chair*

Ig An, Virtual Engagement Committee Chair*

Jimin You, Event Coordinator

James Choi, Technology Officer

Tammy Lee, Resource Officer

Jonathan Lee, Outdoor Event Officer

Patrick Kim, Outdoor Event Officer

 * indicates Board of Directors