About Us

The Korean-American Intellectual Property Organization, or KAIPO, is the newest, as well as the first, Korean-American Affinity Group officially recognized by USPTO. The organization aims to promote and support the growth and development of Korean-American intellectual property professionals as well as the diverse cultural and social heritage of the Korean-American community.


KAIPO membership application


KAIPO Charter (amended December 22, 2020)

KAIPO Bylaws (amended November 24, 2020)

Policy Resolution 2019-01

Policy Resolution 2021-01


KAIPO Activities include:

President’s Message

Dear KAIPO Members and Friends,

It is an honor and a privilege to have been reelected as President and to have the opportunity to serve KAIPO once again as it goes into its second year as an officially recognized USPTO affinity group.

I want to start off by expressing my gratitude for everyone’s support and contributions to KAIPO. This affinity group would not be able to continue without it, especially in these unprecedented times we have been facing with the pandemic.

While our initial plans were upended by the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to the dedicated FY20 leadership team and members, KAIPO was able to adjust and continue its engagement efforts remotely: KAIPO launched its official website (KAIPOUSPTO.ORG) and ran a Giveaway campaign through the website, published its first annual newsletter, held a remote brown bag session discussing career development opportunities at the USPTO, welcomed new Korean-American examiners who joined the USPTO virtually, and held a WebEx Mixer for members and new USPTO employees. Additionally, KAIPO continued recognizing members in Spotlight on Members, had a virtual table at USPTO’s Community Day, and back in May 2020, KAIPO was recognized in Director Iancu’s AAPI Heritage Month celebration email.

Last year was a great learning opportunity for us to think in the shoes of teleworkers and hotelers. We faced challenges in engaging with our members remotely, and we realized that even after we return to the Office, remote work will not be going away as we will still have teleworking/hoteling members. We want KAIPO to be fulfilling and engaging for both on-campus and teleworking members alike. With that in mind, as we continue to be in maximum telework status, we are committed this year to continuing and improving our remote engagement, recognition, and career development efforts so that not only is KAIPO there for its members during the pandemic, but also so that a strong foundation is in place for engaging with teleworking members when we return to the Office.

Finally, it is my pleasure to introduce the FY21 KAIPO leadership team:

2021 Board of Directors and Officers

Thomas Hong, President,

Jae Y. Lee, Vice President,

Taelor Kim, Vice President,

James J. Lee, Vice President,

Monica Shin, Secretary,

Sisley Kim, Treasurer,

Dong Kim, Member at Large,

Ig An, Member at Large, 

Younhee Choi, Member at Large,

Elizabeth Yang, Communication Officer,

Stephanie Ham, Event Coordinator,

Dae Y. Kim, Members Officer,

Chanel Jhin, Members Officer,

James Choi, Technology Officer,

Jonathan Lee, Community and Engagement Officer, and

Patrick Kim, Community and Engagement Officer.