Spotlight on Members

Spotlight on Members: Eric Yoon


I am hoteling from:

I am hoteling from my home in Dublin, California, a city about an hour east of San Francisco.

What made you decide to hotel or stay on campus:

I started my USPTO career in 2016 in the Silicon Valley Office and used to live closer to the office, but have since moved a bit further away.  Due to the longer commute, I then shifted out of the office to hoteling.  But once the office is reopened, I plan to visit regularly, as I used to pre-pandemic. 

Do you have any hobbies or activities that you are passionate about? Can you briefly share it with us?

I like a wide range of things, including reading, chatting with friends, cooking, science fiction, superhero and animated movies, drawing/sketching and traveling.  At the USPTO, I like working on programs that build community or provide assistance to newer Examiners. 

Favorite book or movie:

The Fellowship of the Ring, Encanto, Saving Private Ryan, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Iron Man.

Favorite restaurant or food:

Korean and Indian cuisines, coffee, dark chocolate.

Favorite weekend activities:

Watching movies and documentaries, reading a good book, checking out a new restaurant or café, taking a stroll by the ocean, spending time with family.

Any new skillset you’ve picked up during this pandemic?

Virtual reality exercise.


Shout out to other KAIPO members close to you (any messages you want to send to other member(s)):

Tom, Monica and James: thanks for introducing me to KAIPO and giving me such a warm welcome; and to all those who participated in the First Year Examiner discussions: thank you for coming by and for sharing your questions and experiences.

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How does VR exercise working out for you?