Spotlight on Members

Spotlight on Members: Chanel Jhin

Thank you Younhee Choi for passing me the ball!

I am hoteling/working from:

Alexandria, VA

What made you decide to hotel:

COVID-19 didn’t give me a choice…hope everybody is safe!

Do you have any hobbies or activities that you are passionate about? Can you briefly share it with us?

I’ve always liked taking photos, and these days I’m very interested in film photography. I have a 35mm film camera, and I love looking forward to the developed prints!

Favorite book or movie/TV show:

Harry Potter

Favorite restaurant or food:


Favorite weekend activities:

Watching movies, visiting new coffee shops, and going on walks with my dog, Maru!

Any new skillset you’ve picked up during this pandemic?

Since I’m home all the time, I’ve been trying many new recipes in the kitchen. My favorite thing to bake these days has been everything seasoned bagels!

What is your motto?

“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”

Shout out to other KAIPO members close to you (any messages you want to send to other member(s)):

Hi Sisley! Thanks for making me feel at home at KAIPO~

Any words of encouragement you want to share with the members during the pandemic?

Life may be different right now, but I hope we can find happiness in the small things.

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