Spotlight on Members

Spotlight on Members: Monica Shin

Thank you Janet Lee for passing me the ball!

I am hoteling/working from:

Alexandria, VA

What made you decide to hotel:

The Covid-19 pandemic

Do you have any hobbies or activities that you are passionate about? Can you briefly share it with us?

Dancing and yoga – I’ve done ballet for most of my childhood, and I try to still take classes when I can. Since the pandemic though, I’ve gravitated more towards yoga and learning hip hop in my living room from YouTube videos.

Favorite book or movie/TV show:

Book: The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho

TV show: Parks and Recreation

Favorite restaurant or food:

Depends on my mood, but at the moment, Tacos el Costalilla (Alexandria), Donburi (Tysons/DC), sushi, and Korean fried chicken

Favorite weekend activities:

Hiking and doing puzzles (jigsaw and crossword)

Any new skillset you’ve picked up during this pandemic?

Keeping houseplants alive and cooking dishes other than spaghetti

What is your motto?

Live, laugh, love

Any words of encouragement you want to share with the members during the pandemic?

Be kind to yourself and others around you. Stay safe everyone!

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Keeping houseplants alive is one of the toughest skills to master.


Like your motto “3Ls” !