KAIPO | Annual Picnic Recap

Dear members and friends of KAIPO,

KAIPO hosted its Annual Fall Picnic on November 5th this year at Burke Lake Park. The weather was unusually cooperative for being so late in the Fall, as the highs of the day hit 78 degrees. More than 50 attendees graciously RSVP’ed prior to the event and attended on the day of the picnic with most arriving around 12PM, where much joy and laughter were shared. Luncheon consisted of grilled bacon, short ribs, vegetables, dumplings, as well as rice and other assortment of menus, including kid friendly drinks.

At around 1PM, KAIPO president James Lee thanked the KAIPO members and guests for attending the picnic. In particular, IP Attaché from the Korean embassy and the president of PCT Korea were in attendance, whom president Lee appreciated.

Afterwards, a group picture was taken for all the attendees of the Annual Fall Picnic. It was an arduous process to gather all the kids to pose for the picture, but the kids, knowing that there would be more delicious food afterwards, relented reluctantly.

The kids also had fun! Many children won prizes by playing games. One such game was a bowling game where knocking down all of the stacked paper rolls would result in a plushie prize.

KAIPO sincerely thanks Paris Baguette of Centreville, Virginia for the generous sponsorship of prizes for raffle ticket drawings.

Special thanks to Chairperson Sisley Kim for her generous and meticulous preparation/execution of the successful Annual Fall Picnic this year. Additional thanks to the picnic prep team, with Justin Lee and Sang K. Kim for lending their expertise in grilling recipes/prep/techniques, Jae Y. Lee, Jonathan Lee, and Dae Kim for general logistics support, and KAIPO secretary Chanel Jhin for her preparations for the children’s games and prizes. And lastly, much appreciation and thanks to Mr. Daeho Song for the amazing photography of the event.

Photos can be viewed here:


Best regards,

Dae Kim

Outdoor Event Committee Chair

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