Konnect Peer-to-Peer Recognition

2021 Peer-to-Peer Recognition

KAIPO is made up of inspiring, talented, thoughtful, and hard-working members, and we are proud of each and every one of you! We asked our members to submit (anonymously or not) peer-to-peer recognitions to showcase some of the efforts, accomplishments, and achievements of our members. Below are the responses we received. Thank you to everyone who submitted a response! Also, thank you to everyone for all your hard work, and congratulations to everyone for their accomplishments and achievements!


“I would like to recognize Jessica Patterson for her new position as Senior Advisor for International Work Sharing Team. She will work with stakeholders to improve and expand the Office’s international work sharing opportunities.” – Anonymous

“Sisley Kim, for all her work in picnic preparation and leading the picnic team.” – Anonymous

“I wanted to say thank all picnic volunteers. Korean BBQ was so delicious.” – Anonymous

“Congratulation to Dr. Harry Kim for becoming a primary examiner.” Anonymous

“Congratulate Moo R. Jeong for his recent promotion to become a special examiner in AU 2615.” -Anonymous

“I want to say thank you to former PTAB Judge Romulo Delmendo for sharing his experiences and insights during the Fireside Chat. Congratulation on his retirement and good luck on his next chapter in life.” -Anonymous

“I appreciate Ig An for hosting the BYOC in April. Proud to see those 30 people gathered to express their feelings about Asian Hate Crime.” – Anonymous

“I like to recognize Eric Yoon for his time and efforts to host a series of meetings with newly hired examiners for Q&A and share valuable advice and encouragement.” -Anonymous

“Thank you generally to all the KAIPO Board members for helping to build community among Korean Americans at the USPTO.

Also a special thank you to Tom Hong, for not only helping to found and lead KAIPO, but also for reaching out on an individual level to me and others, to provide advice and encouragement for our ideas and programs.” – Anonymous

“I nominate Monica for all the hard work she has put into all the online communication, like the revisions, fliers, website links, etc. KAIPO would not be as eloquent and effectively communicative without her!!!! Her creativity is a precious gem to KAIPO and Konnect!” -Anonymous

Dong Kim and his Team for organizing the golf tournament this year. Thank you for providing great opportunity to see old buddies outside the campus.” -Anonymous

“Thank all KAIPO members for your membership and continued participation and enthusiasm. My special thanks to our Board of Directors, Officers, and Executive Advisor, for their tireless work on behalf of the KAIPO, Thank Eric Yoon for helping new examiners to achieve their successes in the first year. Thank Dr. Youngsul Jeong, Dr. Taesik Kang and Dr. Sangseok Park for their dedication for the KAIPO election administration. Lastly, my special thanks to Drew Wang for his warm words and advice to our leadership. ” – Thomas Hong













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