2021-4-29 KAIPO First Year Examiner Meetup Recap

On April 29th, we held a First Year Examiner Meetup session on WebEx for all first year examiners with Mr. Eric Yoon, president of the Silicon Valley Work Life Organization. The session was geared mainly towards addressing primary concerns of the first year examiners about the various topics related to the examination process and information about work life during the first year.


Mr. Eric Yoon presented a brief informal half hour talk regarding strategies for a successful first year and tips to achieve such success. The various topics included tips about searching and receiving help for searching, reaching out to other sources about questions that may come up during the examination process, and strategies to present a compelling case to the powers that be that determine the success or failure of the first year examiners. Then Mr. Eric Yoon progressed to a question and answer session where examiners’ specific questions and concerns were addressed.


We thank Mr. Eric Yoon for his generous willingness and devotion to helping out the first year examiners. The event provided incredibly helpful tips to the first year examiners and addressed general questions and concerns that the first year examiners. There will be a follow-up discussion session on the 13th of May for those interested in further attending the Q&A portion of the presentation held on the 29th.


If you have any questions, comments, feedback, or concerns regarding the First Year Examiner Meetup or the follow-up discussion session, please feel free to e-mail them to us at

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Good to hear that has happened! I wish more of this is available!!!