Spotlight on Members

Spotlight on Members: Sisley Kim

Thank you Patrick Kim for passing me the ball!

I am hoteling from:  

Fairfax, VA

What made you decide to hotel or stay on campus:


Do you have any hobbies or activities that you are passionate about? Can you briefly share it with us?  

I enjoy playing golf and travelling to Europe at every year.

Favorite book or movie:

Any type of action/adventure movies

Favorite restaurant or food:

Seafood pho at any place

Favorite weekend activities:


Any new skillset you’ve picked up during this pandemic?

Appreciating the simple things when activities are limited in this situation.

What is your motto?

Let’s not procrastinate!

Shout out to other KAIPO members close to you (any messages you want to send to other member(s)):

Enjoy stay-at-home life, engage in virtual meetings, and keep yourself safe!

Anything else you want to share with KAIPO?

Wish to meet all of you at next year’s KAIPO Picnic!!!

Any words of encouragement you want to share with the members during the pandemic?

Smile to yourself in the mirror 🙂

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Thank you for serving another year for KAIPO!