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2023 Community Day

Konnect Past Publications/Announcements

2022 Konnect – Newsletter

Konnect Past Publications/Announcements

KONNECT Year 2021

Konnect is now published only once a year, and this issue covers the following:

2021 KAIPO Annual Meeting and Happy Hour Recap

Asian Hate Crime & Bring Your Own Coffee Recap

2021 KAIPO Annual Golf Tournament Recap

First KAIPO Annual Picnic

Get to Know Harold Pyon & Romulo Delmendo

Spotlight on Members

Show Me Your Pets!

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

KAIPO First Year Discussions


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Konnect Past Publications/Announcements

Newsletter Naming Contest Winner – Konnect

On April 14, 2020, the KAIPO Newsletter Team announced KAIPO’s first contest: KAIPO Newsletter Naming Contest. A total of 18 names were submitted over the two month period, and the Newsletter Team had a tough time narrowing down to one name. In particular, the Newsletter Team struggled to choose between the following two names, each with a thoughtful meaning:

  1. Konnect – Submitted by James Lee

“One of our missions as an organization is to foster engagement between people and to connect them to the Office.  As we have more than 80% of the patent corps working remotely from home and almost all employees working from home during the pandemic, it has become more important that we konnect with each other and stay konnected with the changes going on at the Office.” 

  1. Kurrent – Submitted by Inja Song

“한류, 흐름, 소통, 현재의 흐름, 뭐 이런 것들을 생각하다가 이공계 전공자에게는 익숙한 단어 current 를 떠올렸고, 첫 글자 C를  K로 바꿔  Korea를 의미하도록 하면 어떨까 생각했습니다.    Current 는 그 외에 신문에 어울린 만한 뜻을 갖고 있으니 중의적으로도 어울릴 듯 합니다.”

Since the new name could not be decided by the Newsletter Team, all KAIPO Officers got involved and voted! And as many of you may have noticed, the majority of KAIPO Officers voted for Konnect, and the newsletter has been renamed as Konnect beginning June 30, 2020.

Congratulations, James, in winning the naming contest! Also, a huge thank you to Inja and other KAIPO members for their submissions!

Konnect Past Publications/Announcements


The 2020, 4th quarter edition of Konnect covers:

Recap of the 3rd Quarter,
How to Help My Child Succeed in School: The Personal Side,
Hoteler Highlights,
Get to Know… James Lee,
Tee Time with Tae-Sik Kang,
Spotlight on Commerce, and 
Website Quick-Start Guide 

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