Updated 2022 KAIPO Leadership

Dear KAIPO Members and Friends,


Happy New Year!


We want to start off by expressing our gratitude for everyone’s support and contributions to KAIPO this past year. As of today, KAIPO has officially been granted an extension for this year as a Voluntary Employee Organization (VEO) of the USPTO. We would not be the organization we are today, without the support of our members and friends. We want KAIPO to be fulfilling and engaging for both on-campus and teleworking members alike. With that in mind, as we continue to telework, we are committed to improving our remote engagement, organizational recognition, and career development opportunities. Although we are still facing unprecedented times in the midst of the pandemic, we are truly grateful to have found new ways to connect with each other. We look forward to continuing our growth and expanding our efforts; therefore, it is our pleasure to introduce the 2022 KAIPO leadership team!


2022 KAIPO Leadership Team

James Lee (President)*

Monica Shin (Vice President)*

Chanel Jhin (Secretary)

Justin Seo (Treasurer)

Thomas Hong (International Coordination and Outreach Committee Chair)*

Sisley Kim (Outdoor Event Committee Chair)*

Taelor Kim (Annual Meeting Committee Chair)*

Dae Kim (Community Day Committee Chair)*

Eric Yoon (New Examiner Mentoring Committee Chair)*

Jae Lee (Athletic Event Committee Chair)*

Ig An (Virtual Engagement Committee Chair)*

Jimin You (Event Coordinator)

James Choi (Technology Officer)

Tammy Lee (Resource Officer)

Jonathan Lee (Outdoor Event Officer)

Patrick Kim (Outdoor Event Officer)

   * indicates Board of Directors


We look forward to working with everyone this year as we continue to grow and promote KAIPO and train future leaders.


2021 KAIPO Survey

Hello KAIPO,

First off, we want to thank all of you who participated in taking our survey! Your input and feedback are invaluable for making decisions about the future of KAIPO, particularly as we navigate through these unprecedented times and await USPTO reopening updates. Attached is a pdf of the survey results for your review.

As this time, we would like to let you know that we are tentatively planning to hold KAIPO’s Annual Picnic this October. However, please keep in mind that this may be subject to change as there are still many external factors that make the planning and feasibility of the picnic unpredictable.

And finally, the survey raffle winners! We randomly selected 5 survey participants to be recipients of a $10 gift card. Congratulations to… Jonathan Lee, Chanel Jhin, Daeho Song, Dong Kim, and Suckhwan (Sam) Chon.

Thank you again for all of your feedback!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to email us at



USPTO vacancy announcements

Hello members,

There has been various position vacancy announcements at 

Also, USPTO hiring hundreds of new patent examiners

Please share with your colleagues that may be interested.

Best regards


Activities Announcements

FY21 KAIPO Annual Meeting + Happy Hour Recap

Good afternoon KAIPO members,

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! Last Thursday, February 18, 2021, we had our Annual Meeting and held our first Happy Hour of 2021. Due to the pandemic, both were held virtually. Thank you to all those who attended! It was great seeing everyone (on screen)!

AnnualMeetingRecap_FEB2021 (and also shown above) is a flyer with a recap of the Annual Meeting+Happy Hour event. For more detailed meeting minutes of the Annual Meeting, please see KAIPO’s SharePoint.

If you have any feedback about the event, or any questions, comments, or concerns about KAIPO in general, please feel free to email us at KAIPO@USPTO.GOV.

Thank you, and hope everyone has a great week!



Activities Announcements

FY21 KAIPO Virtual Annual Meeting & Happy Hour

Hi KAIPO Members,


We will be hosting our annual meeting and happy hour virtually on Thursday, 2/18/2021 @4PM EST.


During the virtual annual meeting, we will be introducing our newly elected officers and providing valuable information regarding our outlook for the new year. During the virtual happy hour, members will have an opportunity to join themed groups that pique their interests. This will be an occasion to network and engage with fellow KAIPO members in a casual setting.


Please feel free to Bring Your Own Beverages to make the happy hour more enjoyable!


More details will come with an outlook invitation. Please save the date, Thursday, February 18 @ 4PM, and join us as we celebrate all that we have accomplished together this past year and look forward to an even better, more eventful second year as an official USPTO Affinity Group!


Thank you,