Updated 2022 KAIPO Leadership

Dear KAIPO Members and Friends,


Happy New Year!


We want to start off by expressing our gratitude for everyone’s support and contributions to KAIPO this past year. As of today, KAIPO has officially been granted an extension for this year as a Voluntary Employee Organization (VEO) of the USPTO. We would not be the organization we are today, without the support of our members and friends. We want KAIPO to be fulfilling and engaging for both on-campus and teleworking members alike. With that in mind, as we continue to telework, we are committed to improving our remote engagement, organizational recognition, and career development opportunities. Although we are still facing unprecedented times in the midst of the pandemic, we are truly grateful to have found new ways to connect with each other. We look forward to continuing our growth and expanding our efforts; therefore, it is our pleasure to introduce the 2022 KAIPO leadership team!


2022 KAIPO Leadership Team

James Lee (President)*

Monica Shin (Vice President)*

Chanel Jhin (Secretary)

Justin Seo (Treasurer)

Thomas Hong (International Coordination and Outreach Committee Chair)*

Sisley Kim (Outdoor Event Committee Chair)*

Taelor Kim (Annual Meeting Committee Chair)*

Dae Kim (Community Day Committee Chair)*

Eric Yoon (New Examiner Mentoring Committee Chair)*

Jae Lee (Athletic Event Committee Chair)*

Ig An (Virtual Engagement Committee Chair)*

Jimin You (Event Coordinator)

James Choi (Technology Officer)

Tammy Lee (Resource Officer)

Jonathan Lee (Outdoor Event Officer)

Patrick Kim (Outdoor Event Officer)

   * indicates Board of Directors


We look forward to working with everyone this year as we continue to grow and promote KAIPO and train future leaders.

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