Scavenger Hunt Giveaway

✔ KAIPO will be giving away prizes to the first three people who submits the most correct answers by 11:59PM EST 8/14/2020.

✔ Participants who do not update their profile with their names will not be eligible.  Please see the guidelines for details.

✔ Questions:

  1. What kind of sausage did Examiner Dae Kim (userid: find during his travel?
  2. What is the motto of Examiner Aiden Lee (userid: alee) as he stated in the Hoteler Highlights?
  3. How many participants joined the brown bag session?  
  4. What item/tool did Examiner Sang K. Kim (userid: ksk392392) use to form waves ?
  5. In explaining “How to connect your Printer (HP M404dn) for home/work use at the same time,” Examiner Dong Kim (userid: KAIPO_admin and davkim) said “Equipment/materials/apps needed: … _______________ (to connect to your home router).”
  6. Examiner Monica Shin (userid: mshin128) created a new group “Law School” and mentioned that “the August LSAT will also be ________.”

✔ Please check the guidelines to ensure eligibility (e.g., updating profile).

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