6/26/2020 Hello World:

We are pleased to officially announce the launch of KAIPO website and invite our members to visit us at Continuity of services for our members has been not only considered as an essential component, but also new challenges to our officers in the face of COVID-19 global pandemic. We believe this website will be a prominent resource for each one of you to enrich “YOUR LIFE” in these challenge times.

This website is result of hard work and dedication by the officers and volunteers over the two months to provide new platform to engage on social activities and in turn improve engagement levels online instead of offline. I especially thanks to Dong Uk (David) Kim, Chief Technology Officer of KAIPO, for the endless of hours that he has spent and dedication to make this development project a great success and Thomas Hong, President of KAIPO, for the hard work he has provided as a project team member, especially when the deadline was approaching.

Please feel free to explore our website, find a community to trade your stories and tips, and share your thoughts.


Jae Y. Lee, Vice President of KAIPO

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