6/22/2020 KAIPO Weekly

Good Morning,

Happy End of Q3! It is quite hard to believe that Q3 has went by with everyone working under the mandatory telework. As always, hope everyone has been staying safe and healthy during this unprecedented time 🙂 Here is this week’s KAIPO Weekly:

  1. KAIPO Newsletter’s New Name: Thank you to all members who have suggested a new name for the Newsletter! The KAIPO Newsletter Team is excited to announce the new name (and the winner of the naming contest) as well as publish the next issue next week! The Team has been working diligently to include various contents in the next issue. So stay tuned 😀


  1. 2020 USPTO Community Day: Friendly reminder about this year’s Community Day on Thursday, July 30! KAIPO Officers also have been working very hard in preparing for the event, and as hinted before, we will be announcing a surprising news by the Community Day! Again, stay tuned 😀


  1. Diversity@PTO’S Weekly Newsletter: Check out this week’s Diversity@PTO newsletter below. You may sign up to receive Diversity@PTO’s newsletter directly, but we will also continue to share it through KAIPO Weekly.

Have a wonderful day,

KAIPO Officers

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